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    EASe_bundle_testimonialThe Electronic Auditory Stimulation effect CD series is the original disc based Listening Therapy program. EASe CDs, are easy to use, simple and safe tools for occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, teachers and parents, to assist children challenged with sensory processing disorder, sensory integration disorder, auditory hypersensitivity, central auditory processing disorder (CAPD), hearing or developmental issues, to better manage noise.

    EASe CDs have been successfully used since 1996 by ten thousand trained therapists, many tens of thousands of parents, and hundreds of non profit organizations the world over. 100,000 EASe CDs have been distributed the world over. EASe CDs integrate well with sensory integration therapies, enabling an individual to more easily develop additional skills through an enhanced “sensory diet”. Here is how one mother describes using the Free EASe CD.

    Hi Bill,
    My daughter is 3 and has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, cortical visual impairment and global developmental delays. She is non verbal but very sociable. She has been listening to the free Ease CD every day for 18 months and loves it!
    She had (was born with) a very exaggerated startle response that did not resolve as she grew older. We even had an EEG as we thought it may be seizure activity – Thankfully it is not.
    She listens to her Ease CD first thing in the morning, every morning. Her startle reflex has almost completely resolved and she now only startles when appropriate.
    She loves her music and is very out of sorts if she has to miss it for whatever reason. She listens patiently between songs and then gives sounds of glee when the new song starts. Some songs she prefers and she is consistent in showing more approval for the same songs.
    Even though she is still non verbal she has developed so many more sounds.
    She doesn’t enjoy long car rides – who does? – and I usually play her nursery rhymes in the car to keep her calm. It works but I thought it would be far more beneficial to listen to another Ease CD.

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    EASe_bundle_testimonial EASe Games represent a revolution in the development of software intended to help individuals cope with Sensory Processing Disorder, Auditory Hypersensitivity, Hyperacusis, Misophonia, Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) or Sensory Integration Disorder.

    EASe Games represent the first sensory integration software for autistic individuals. EASe Games are designed help an individual cope with noise and improve balance, visual memory and proprioception. EASe Games are FUN, engaging therapeutic activities.

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    EASe Listening Therapy apps represent the future of therapeutic software systems designed to help children and adults with sensory processing disorder.

    The EASe app is our latest and most sophisticated therapeutic tool. Unlike fixed systems like CDs and players bundled with pre-modified music, the EASe app actually performs the EQ modification in real time inside the app. This control makes the stimulus variable and precise, enabling therapists to start a client on a very gentle preset and then gradually increase the intensity until the client is experiencing a level of stimulation exceeding that of any disc based system. This means that training a client to habituate to noise is easier, quicker and more gentle.