EASe on microSD cards

SandiskEASe microSD/License package.

Therapists have asked many times over the years for us to provide EASe encoded music on MicroSD cards for Sandisk and other players that can play high resolution audio files. This package includes a microSD player and the entire line of EASe music modules on a single microSD card, along with a free EASe lending license, making it the best solution for therapists wanting to rent EASe to their clients.

This package contains one microSD player, one microSD card loaded with all ten music modules, AND a FREE $200.00 EASe lending/rental license.

The 10 album compilation card costs as follows.

EASe CD #1     $29.00
EASe CD #2     $29.00
EASe CD #3     $29.00
EASe CD #4     $29.00
EASe CD #5     $29.00
EASe CD #6     $29.00
EASe CD #7     $29.00
EASe CD #8     $29.00
EASe CD #9     $29.00
EASe CD #10   $29.00
Sandisk Clip + player only $9.95.

Total cost = $299.95

This package includes a FREE EASe lending license.

To purchase individual EASe microSD cards, please click on the EASe Webstore links below.