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EASe App – Fireflys


Fireflies. New from Vision Audio, EASe Listening Therapy app music modules provide cutting edge sonic platforms for the most advance method of helping people with Sensory Processing Disorder cope with noise. EASe Fireflies is a wonderfully dynamic and happy album for the EASe app. Inspired by Bugs Life, from Fresh Music.

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EASe Fireflies: Fireflies is a wild ride, kids cartoon soundtrack in the spirit of “A Bugs Life”. This is an intense and engaging module for young patients and can help them develop their skills of habituation to a very high level. We recommend this module be used after at least one other less intense module like Native, EASe 1 or 2, “Isn’t This Great!” or “Perfectly Natural” and is appropriate to place before EASe 3 or EASe 4.

If you are a therapist trained and certified by Vital Links, please continue to purchase EASe 1-4 through them. We are happy to sell you all of our other products.


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